Collection: Short dresses

If you are going to an event where the theme is not a gala , or to a less formal event and you don't want to wear the floor-length party or gala dress, you can find a nice selection of short dresses in this category here. By choosing the short party dress, you can still come up with a nice and festive look and still show more elegance, compared to the short dresses that you wear everyday. The short party dresses are available in many different types and models, so whether you prefer the tight-fitting model, a-line bottom, long sleeves or completely loose-fitting, there is something for every taste and body type.

In addition, they can be styled up and down with stilettos, bags and jewelry, depending on whether it is for a garden wedding, confirmation, birthday or golden wedding, and you can use a dress for several events with a different styling of accessories, hairstyle or a different jacket/ blazer to wear over the dress.