Collection: Prom dresses

What is a prom dress? Prom dresses are the big dresses with more volume in the skirt. Often they also have more decorations in the form of stones and sequins and other things than an ordinary party dress . If you are looking for a new dress, TP Dresses is a good place to find your dress. We have a large selection of prom dresses in different colors and in many sizes.

A dress for a gala could be for you going to a gala party, it could also be you going to a finer wedding where the dress code is a gala. A prom dress can seem very heavy to many, but if you choose one with a floral print and possibly pockets, it has a completely elegant look, despite the fact that it is wider than a long party dress.

More and more prom girls this season choose one of our large floral prints for their prom/gala for the gala party.